About Us

The Christ Education

As the evening casts its shadows on the streets of Bangalore, Christ PU Collge- Evening shines as a lamp for the enlightenment of those who trudge the valleys of life. Christ PU College – Evening, managed by CMI (Carmelites of Mary Immaculate), a religious congregation in the Catholic Church is a branch of Christ University. It is well rooted in the noble tradition of the university, with the motto, "Excellence and Service”. Under the canopy of more than 40 years of experience in the field of education, Christ PU College - Evening offers holistic education with a combination of intensely dynamic student body, renowned faculty, and extensive facilities which makes it Bangalore’s finest Pre-University education centre.

The Institution, Legacy

In the city of Bangalore, the CMI congregation has various institutions: Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram - an ecclesiastical university that confers degrees in Philosophy, Theology, Canon Law and Counselling, Christa Vidyalaya - a Kannada Medium High School, Christ School - English Medium School (ICSE & State Syllabus), Christ Junior College (PU), Christ College (PU -Evening), Christ P.U. College (Residential) and Christ University. More than 12,000 students are trained in the campus.

Christ PU College - Evening is a minority Christian institution. The primary focus of this institution is on the upliftment of students who lag in educational opportunities and those who are employed otherwise. Students of all castes, religions, creeds and languages are encouraged to be part of this temple of learning.

The Legacy

The college had its humble beginnings with Christ University. Christ University was formerly Christ College (Autonomous) affiliated to Bangalore University. On July 22, 2008, under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Union Government of India, vide Notification No. F. 9-34/2007-U.3 (A), has declared it a Deemed to be University, in the name and style of Christ University.

Established in July 1969, Christ University became the most preferred educational institution in the city of Bangalore within the first three decades. Rooted in the firm moral principles, thousands of students leave the portals of this institution as accomplished individuals with fine intellect and sound character. Over the years, quality education has been imparted to students from over forty nations of the world.

From 1990 onwards it scaled to heights. Today the institution is no more a college, but a university which can be proud of its wholesome education at the Pre University, Graduate, and Post-Graduate levels. By the introduction of innovative and modern curriculum, insistence on academic discipline and imparting holistic education with the help of the creative and dedicated staff, Christ College has been ceaselessly rated among the top ten educational institutions of the country.

A Journey through the Past

Established in 2005, Christ PU College – Evening is affiliated to Pre-University Board of Education, Karnataka. The institution was born out of the educational vision of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, the founder of CMI congregation. Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara was a visionary, an educationist and a social reformer of the 19th century, whose life was dedicated to emancipate the society from discrimination, ignorance and oppression. He opened schools for all regardless of caste, creed and gender. He established printing presses to publish books; he built homes for the poor and worked for the empowerment of women. Perhaps, he took the roads seldom taken. Even today, we follow Saint Chavara’s path which continues to motivate many to venture the impossible. He strived to build a community based on the fatherhood of God and brotherhood of humanity. Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI), the first indigenous religious congregation of India, with a membership of around 3000, renders its service to humanity in educational, social, health care and other activities aiming at an integral development of the society.


Excellence and Service

We believe that unless we give what we get back to the society, we cannot call ourselves as progressive. Excellence and Service have been the watchwords and guiding path in our efforts to grow in the field of education through relentless and untiring hard work, matched only by our equal commitment towards contributing to society’s development. By fulfilling one’s social commitment through untiring and continued efforts, excellence can be attained. Our college is dedicated towards channelizing young minds not only towards academic goals but also towards their social responsibilities. We can say without doubt that this is the right place to grow roots for all scholars with a dream and objective towards various forms of excellence. We have been playing a major role in educating future leaders and we provide ample opportunities to nurture and sustain creative talents and multiple intelligences for the service to humanity at large. We sincerely hope that students committees to excellence in its many forms will explore all opportunities here and develop their talents here to the fullest for the service of humanity.


“Christ PU College - Evening is a nurturing ground for an individual's holistic development to make effective contribution to the society in a dynamic environment.”

We accept the Universal fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of humanity. We cater to the educational needs of students from all walks of life, irrespective of caste, creed, language, gender or nationality. We boast of a mosaic of cultures that comprise our student body and respect individual and cultural differences. We believe in mentoring and nurturing our students to be effective wherever they are. Our mission as an educational institution is to provide holistic education to our scholars leading to their holistic development thereby empowering them to contribute their best to society.

Core Values

Our core values are a reflection of what traits we endeavour to instill in our students. They are -
  • Faith in God
  • Moral Uprightness
  • Love of Fellow Beings
  • Social Responsibility
  • Pursuit of Excellence
We firmly believe that Faith in God will result in the achievement of all endeavours. Keeping this in mind, Faith in God ranks at the top of the hierarchy of core values. Adherence to moral principles ranked second is concerned with rules of right conduct. These two core values work at the personal level and will help in moulding our students into responsible individuals who can bring positive change in our society. Love of Fellow Beings, the third value at the inter- personal level brings out innate qualities like compassion, love, affection and care. Social Responsibility, the fourth value at the societal level focuses on individual’s contribution towards social, cultural and ecological causes. Pursuit of Excellence at the top of the pyramid is striving to become excellent. We earnestly strive to inculcate these values in young minds even as they are practiced by the staff and management.

The CMI Education Policy Statement

We, the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate, after the example of our founder Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, consider education as integral in the formation of the human person for the fulfillment of his/her individual and social responsibilities.

Our Educational endeavours aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy and socially acceptable; who will champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace and who are ever open to further growth. The secret of the success of our educational institution is a community of teachers who are committed to their vocation, professionally competent, morally upright, just and humane in dealings, and who grow in the true vision of education.

We aspire towards creating a just human society where dignity of the human person is respected, where unjust structures are challenged, where our cultural heritage of ahimsa, religious harmony and national integration is upheld, and where the poor and the marginalized are specially taken care of. Our institutions are open to all students irrespective of caste and creed; they are accepted and cherished as they are and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions.. Our institutions have to be open to society at large by making their resources available for the ongoing education and non-formal teaching. For the realization of this CMI goal of education, we expect students, parents and teachers to share this vision and to cooperate with us whole-heartedly.