Clubs and Associations

The college has different clubs and associations to offer students a healthy diversion from studies and to make them see the other aspects of life. Membership in various clubs and associations is open to all the students of the college. An active participation in these co-curricular activities will help students expand their horizon and learn beyond the classroom curriculum

The Structure of Clubs and Associations

The principal is the ex-officio president and the finance officer is the ex-officio treasurer of all the associations and clubs.

The activities of the clubs and associations are taken care of by its staff coordinators. They are the decision makers who guide and motivate students. However, the activities of these clubs and associations are primarily driven by the enthusiasm of its student members. To further channelise their energy and give them experiences in organisational skills, a student executive committee is nominated by the staff in-charge of students, based on good academic records. These students are actively involved and are responsible for the functioning of the associations.

Major Activities

  • Arranging guest lectures, seminars, quiz programmes and exhibitions.
  • Popularizing discipline among students by identifying the common areas of interest keeping the changing scenario in mind
  • Preparing students for competitions organised by the college and other institutions.

The Commerce Association

 A beginning where there is no end – that’s what the commerce association is all about. This association aims at giving students a platform to launch their talents and thereby make them feel confident to face the challenges ahead of them. Students actively involve in various competitions and organise events.

Anveshna, the language association is a platform for students to exhibit their talents and communication skills through different competitions. It organises guest lectures, commemorates birthdays of great writers and celebrates the Rajyotsava and the Hindi Day among many other events.

Ques Tain 
The Quiz club of Christ PU College, ‘Ques Tain’ is a locus, which spurs its students to the summit and trounce its competitors. It is an ideal platform, where students are trained through training programmes.

Alister, is the cultural association of Christ PU College. It provides a platform for students to exhibit their skills and talents by participating in various art, literary and stage competitions. It also provides a good opportunity for the students to discover their latent abilities.

Centre for Social Action - CSA

Centre for Social Action aims at nurturing budding minds and hearts towards social sensitization. It is a student movement aiming for a humane and just society with women and children as the focus. We coordinate sensitization programmes like NGO visits, slum visits, discussions, debates, competitions and other service programmes. CSA also sponsors around 250 students towards their education, whereby the funds are raised by fellow students. Volunteers are also taken for a rural exposure camp to connect with the country side and relate to life contextually through experiential learning.

  1. To facilitate holistic development of students by involving them in social action.
  2. To facilitate college as a civil society organization, that enables the underprivileged to achieve tangible results in their quality of life.
  3. To introduce innovative practices in strengthening college-community relationships.
Eligibility and Certificate:
All students of PUC are eligible to enroll as volunteers. Once enrolled, it is compulsory that students attend all the programmes. Volunteers who actively participate in all programmes will be given a certificate on completion of their II PUC.

Service to Society - The National Cadet Corps

‘When the going gets tough, the tough gets going’ is the philosophy that drives the cadets of the National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.). It makes its cadets emotionally and physically strong citizens, capable of helping civil administration during national emergencies.

The college offers training for both boys and girls under the army wing of the NCC in the campus. The training programme includes around twenty parades in a year on Saturday afternoons, training in drill, map reading, weapon training, social service and adventure activities like parasailing, horse riding, rock climbing, mountaineering, cycle expedition, trekking etc. Uniforms are provided free of cost and have to be returned at the end of the training.

All I PUC students are eligible to join the NCC. After the completion of two years of training they can get the 'B' certificate. If they continue their training during their graduation courses, they will be issued the 'C' certificate after three years. The 'B' certificate holders are eligible for the N.C.C quota in CET and all other professional courses. Preference is given to 'B' & 'C' certificate holders in defence services, police, para-military forces, fire forces, the Border Security Force, industrial security forces, public sectors and all uniformed services. 'C' certificate holders can directly join the defence forces as officers.

Xpressions and Epitome  
Xpressions, the college newsletter and Epitome, the college magazine encourages students to unleash their creative energy. It keeps them updated about the current happenings in the college.

Training Programmes / Value Addition Programmes

Excel:  [Personality Development Programme] Students are trained for essential skills, like group discussion, presentation skills, logical & numerical reasoning to prepare for commerce &management entrance examinations.

Law Entrance Coaching: In house programme in association with Law School Tutorial (LST) for aspirants in legal studies. Training is provided for entrance exams of Law Colleges across India.

Common Proficiency Test (CPT): Coaching: A simplified entry to Chartered Accountants course, in association with Professional Studies Department Christ University.

Theatre Workshop: Aims at enhancing theatrical skills of the students. It also serves as a personality development programme.

Public Speaking Workshop: To build confidence and fluency in the students, and to enhance oratory skills, a workshop is conducted under the guidance of MSCom students of Christ University. The students are able to face an audience with aplomb after attending this workshop.

Called to Connect and Lead: The training sessions are aimed at developing three important competencies for positive outcomes in life and behavior of adolescents. The three competencies targeted here are social competence, emotional competence and leadership skills. The training sessions will have three modules and will include, mindfulness exercises, psycho-education, cognitive restructuring, class activities and behavioural assignments related to the topics of discussions.

Guitar Classes: Guitar training sessions are available for beginners so that they may develop the basic skill to play the guitar. The classes also aim at building on techniques in Guitaring.

Alumni Association 

The alumni association of an educational institution is its greatest asset. It is a reflection of how well the institution has succeeded in achieving its goal. The strength of this association speaks volumes about the hard work and rigorous training that has been put into generating one of the best student community in the world.

Students passing out of Christ PU College aim at and achieve nothing less than the stars. They leave no stone unturned to bring this great institution its due glory and have found acceptance in all corners of the world. The values internalized by the students during their stay in the college makes them competent to handle any challenge thrown at them. This induces a spirit to excel in whatever they do and at the same time serve humanity. Every year the annual alumni gathering takes place during the second week of February.