The violet flowers on the road, the sound of guitar in the evening and the globe of knowledge lit up in the neon lights; Christ resonates each moment of life in the campus. Christ PU College – Evening is located in the campus of Christ University. The campus is known for its eco-friendly, serene, peaceful and clean environment. It was selected for the Best Campus Award by the Bangalore Urban Art Commission for four consecutive years, 1996 through 2000. Well-maintained gardens and buildings, air-conditioned Seminar Halls, Panel Room, Conference Hall, Assembly Hall, Auditorium, the University playground, Junior College playground, four basket ball and two volleyball courts and all the facilities are the unique features of our campus. 

Broadband Internet Connection: We encourage our students to be pro-active and make the best use of the unlimited internet access. Through this, they can explore the benefits of the online academic resources to enrich their projects and assignments. They can also check their e-mails during the stipulated time. 

The Seminar Hall and Main Auditorium: The Seminar hall has installed capacities like LCD Projector, Computer, Sound System, Overhead projector etc. It serves as a facility to conduct presentations, interactive sessions, guest lectures, seminars etc. The auditorium has the capacity for accommodating around two thousand people at a time and will be used for important occasions like the inauguration of the academic year, intra-collegiate and inter-collegiate fests, college day and the graduation day etc.

Auditorium II: The auditorium facility in the quadrangle of Christ Junior College is used for conducting general assemblies and other programmes.

Sports and Games: The College has separate courts viz., basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, cricket, table tennis and throw ball.

Parking: The vagaries of Bangalore traffic make most of our students take recourse to their own means of conveyance. The number of students commuting to college on two wheelers and four wheelers of their own has seen a steady increase, and therefore sufficient space has been ensured for their secure parking. Charges are levied on the four-wheeler parking within the campus. However, two wheelers can be parked in the basement of the Junior College free of charge.

Cafeteria, Food Court, Gourmet and the Ivy Hall: Be it a cup of tea over a hot discussion or the chit chats or a plan for an event, a lot happens over these places. We ensure that these eateries are hygienic and provide good food at reasonable prices. These eateries are also informal spaces for students to have healthy interaction. The Ivy Hall also has stalls for stationery, books, confectionaries, photocopying and DTP. Moreover, the college has pure drinking water facility near the class rooms in each floor.

The Bank: A branch of the South Indian Bank in the campus with ATM service takes care of the banking needs of the college. Students and their parents can also avail its services, if required.Prayer Hall: Prayer strengthens our faith in God, which gives us courage and conviction to weather the storms of life. The search for the Divine begins in silence. Therefore to pray in silence and serenity, we have a prayer hall. When one is disturbed in mind, seeking inner peace and contentment, or marveling at the wonderful ways in which God works through him/her and desires to thank Him for His bountiful blessings, one can walk in and spend some time in communion with God.