Student Support


This department is an integral part of the academic system. The student counsellors are aware of the dynamic changes each student goes through. Stressing on the fact that ‘Every Student Matters’, our counsellors help students to cope with these changes, discover and develop their own resources and make healthy choices in life. They work as facilitators between students and their parents, teachers, friends

Objectives of the Centre

  • Guide students to focus their attention on academic pursuits and with an intent to flourish in life
  • To help students function as responsible individuals
  • To help students maximise their potentialities
  • To help them deal with their problems and find appropriate solutions
  • To enable them to set realistic goals and strive to accomplish it

Activities of the Centre

  • Individual counselling to help students to resolve their academic as well as personal problems effectively
  • Help students to maintain the adequate attendance percentage
  • Help them develop a regular pattern of study using creative strategies and techniques for better performance
  • Assist parents to understand and remain involved with their wards in college and outside
  • Conduct group sessions for motivating and enriching students
A number of awareness programmes and workshops are conducted throughout the year by the department:
  • Admission Counselling for parents and students
  • Awareness programme for Parents on ‘Valuable tips for Good Parenting’
  • Tobacco Cessation Awareness for students of I PUC
  • Assist parents to understand and remain involved with their wards in college and outside
  • Addictions & Traits of an Addictive Personality’ Awareness Workshop

Please Note

Counsellors maintain the ethics of confidentiality under all normal circumstances.
Personal Counselling is voluntary
Timings: Monday to Friday : 1-00 pm to 5-00 pm